Solas Magnum Pump Stator

Solas Magnum Pump Stator
Solas Magnum Pump StatorSolas Magnum Pump Stator
$499.99 - $646.89
Now available in 144mm & 148mm sizes!

Costing as little as a 1/4 of the price of the alternatives, the Solas Magnum Pump has become a must have for any one seeking better performance out of their SuperJet based ski. Featuring a larger 74mm hub with a 12 vane designed that better compresses the water making for huge gains in bottom end and hook up regardless of water conditions.

Made of 100% Stainless Steel means that salt water corrosion wont be a worry, and because it is non set back allows you to use all your stock components including your drive shaft!

Comes with everything pictured. Uses OEM size bearing and seals such as our Jetworks Yamaha 144mm Pump Rebuild Kit (not included)

**We Strongly recommend using high quality bearings to prevent premature wear, failure or damage to the pump and components.

***The 148mm sizes requires the matching 148mm Solas Stainless Steel Wear Ring also available in 144mm.