PWC’s Needed 

We at Jetworks are constantly looking at new ways to help our customers get the most fun from their PWC and some times that requires developing a new product.

If you own one of the listed vehicles below, and live in the Southern California area, and are willing to leave your ski with us for a predetermined time, we may be able to use your ski for prototyping new performance parts!

Your watercraft could be used for something as simple as taking dimensions from, where we would only need the vehicle for a day or so, or it could more involving where we would typically need the vehicle for 2-4 weeks, either way you will be informed on what we will be doing to your ski and how long we’ll need it.

In return you will receive one of the following:
  • Free Tune Up
  • Developed part for free or at major discount
  • A discount code to be used on our online store

If you are interested please email us with the Subject “PWC Available” along with all your contact information.

We prefer mechanically stock watercraft, but tell us what your has done  and we’ll see if we can still use it.
  • 2016 YAMAHA V1 or V1 Sport
  • 2005-2009 Kawasaki X2