Jetworks 900 "R" Engine Modification

Jetworks 900
We now have two different solutions when it comes to competing in Amateur Freestyle. The Jetworks 900 "R" & the Jetworks 900 "C"

Jetworks 900cc "R" :

In 1993 Jetworks was one of the first high performance shops to be pushing the Yamaha SuperJet for the race circuit, and because of this we were the first shop to designed and build a stroker engine utilizing the stock cylinder for those who could not afford to build our billet cylinder alternatives for Mod Class specifications, and the 900 ”R” is the evolution from those days.

Designed for freestyle, the 900 "R" is most cost efficient way to achieve 900cc for amateur competition. We use your OEM 61x cylinder with our custom sleeves & pistons, then we modify your 62t cases and give you a +5mm Stoker Crankshaft to get you where you need to be competitive but with out breaking the bank, close to half the price of what it would cost to build a billet cylinder. This allows you to put the money else where, weather it be Pump, Intake, or Electrical System. Couple this with todays light weight hulls and you'll be soaring high with the rest of them!

Jetworks 900cc "R" Includes:

◦ Removal of OEM Sleeves
◦ Custom Sleeves & Installation
◦ Custom Wiseco Pistons
◦ Custom Jetworks Billet Super Bore Girdle Head
◦ Custom Domes (Pump, AV, or Race Gas)
◦ Custom +5mm Stroker Crankshaft using all Japanese bearing and rods.
◦ Cylinder Porting & Honing
◦ Cylinder Boring & Counter Bore
◦ Cylinder Decking
◦ Chamfer Of All Ports
◦ Crank Case Porting
◦ Crank Case Boring
◦ Crank Case Clearance
◦ Engine Assembly
◦ Base Gasket & Wrist Pin Bearings

Replacement pistons available in:

◦ 88.0mm @ 888cc
◦ 88.5mm @ 898cc
◦ 89.0mm @ 908cc (Over AM Size Limits)

* Customer supplies Cases & Cylinder
**Bed Plates Sold Separately.

***Compared to a stock stroke of similar displacement we strongly recommend the stoker engines because increase in stroke builds more torque thats needed for flatwater aerials.