Jetworks 771 Big Bore Top End Kit

Jetworks 771 Big Bore Top End Kit
The Jetworks 771cc Big Bore has been around since the 701 Superjet was released, this engine modification converts your 701cc 61-X cylinder in to a big bore 771cc Engine. It uses your stock OEM crankshaft and offers a wider power-band with more hit everywhere in the RPM range. Our custom sleeves and proven porting configuration has given our 771′s a reputation second to none. This modification works killer with a set of Blackjack 44mm carburetors and also work great with our T.T. 38mm carb mod.

Big Bore 771 mod includes:

Removal of OEM sleeves
Custom Jetworks Big Bore Sleeves & Installation
Wiseco Pistons
Cylinder Porting & Honing
Cylinder Boring & Counter Bore
Cylinder Decking
Chamfer Of All Ports
Base Gasket & Wrist Pin Bearings
Base gasket and wrist pin bearings

Available Starting Bores:

84 mm @ 753cc
85 mm @ 771cc

Replacement pistons also available in:

84.5 mm
85.5 mm
86.0 mm

Requires case boring to accept larger sleeves.
(Optional crankcase porting)