About Us:

For over 30 years Art Gomez has helped push the PWC industry to a new level by creating innovative new products and setting a worldwide reputation with what can be achieved with a PWC engine. Graduating top of his class from Arizona Automotive Institute in 1980, he quickly became an expert in Japanese motors, but while growing up on the Colorado River in Blythe, California he always had a strong interest in water sports. After buying a jet boat and looking for something more challenging, he was introduced to the Jet Ski by his friend Tom Kerker of Kerker Products & Splash Magazine.

By this time he had accumulated vast experience in building high-performance automotive engines, and then decided to branch off into the PWC world. Jetworks® was born In 1985 In Southern California, home of many top performance shops at the time. Quickly obtaining a good reputation he decided in 1988 to dedicate himself full time to the industry by opening a larger shop closer to the ocean in Newport Beach, CA. Jetworks® soon became known as one of the premier shops in the world, consistently producing highly competitive watercraft, with a list of over 100 U.S. and International riders competing under the Jetworks name in various classes throughout the 90’s and into the mid-2000’s. 


While other shops have come and gone, Jetworks has stood the test of time with customers continuing to seek out Art Gomez and his expertise. Since then Jetworks has become a grass roots shop helping people like  Zack Bright and Mark Gomez back when they were just gettting into the sport or your current day pro when they need help and no one else could figure it out.  In 2010, with the direction of the sport changing, Art decided to focus more on becoming a one stop shop and move to a new place in Santa Ana, CA and In 2015 with the help of a new team, the Jetworks Online Store was launched to help support the sport and it’s riders.
Jetworks is more than just a brand, or a mail-order warehouse, at the core, we are a High-Performance Personal Watercraft Specialist. Every engine we build leaves as if we were using it the following day, every product we sell goes because we know what it does and how it works. We do this for the love of mechanics, we do this for the love of our sport, but most importantly we value our reputation, that is why we strive to surpass your expectations and provided you with what we believe is the very best.